WHEN WE BEGAN to develop this magazine, it became apparent that the names for our target readers – people 50 and over – came with a lot of baggage. Baby Boomers. Middle aged. Empty nesters. Seniors.

WE didn’t much like any of them. But we warmed to the idea that life at any stage, has more than one path. After a time, “avenue” seemed best to express the idea that passing 50 presents us with a wide range of choices.

More than one avenue. So we pluralized it, Thus, AVENUES. We also liked the idea of looking forward mostly, with an occasional glance in the rear view.

We’ll be writing about the issues that face us all as we age together. Like each of us, AVENUES magazine is, itself, on a journey and we want to share that experience with you.

Thank you,

Elise Patterson, Publisher & Executive Editor

Pat Patterson, Founder & Creative Director

Jill J. Piper, Managing Editor