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Happy Holidays! Be mindful of the Now!

As we approach the holidays, many of us are glancing back in our mind’s eye at memories that are often bittersweet and recalling those occasions with family and friends, past and present, that were, or weren’t, always so special. Yet, they linger in our thoughts, and for our own reasons, are crystalized in ways we never forget.

Again, there’s the New Year just ahead that we approach with ambivalence ~ always regretting the unfulfilled resolutions and digging deep for new ones with every intention of making them stick this time around. Add to this the fear and trepidation of the year ahead with its promise of the unknowable, yet certain, changes. This is one promise we can count on, for good or ill, on every level imaginable.

I believe that if we examine our hearts and minds, we find there is a distinctive difference between our memories and reminiscences. Those moments and events we cherish most tend to fall in the latter category, and bring with them a warmth and longing to our hearts and minds ~ those in which we were most delighted, inspired and sometimes surprised. Times in which we found exquisite happiness, or even more extraordinary, contentment.

As one member of my extended family put it so succinctly, “This is IT!” These are moments where you stop, often dumbfounded at the utter simplicity or beauty of that exact moment, realizing “This IS IT!”

These moments are singular.

A “this is It!” moment contrasts sharply with epiphanies which, though definitive “Ah-ha!” moments, call us to some type of action in order to actualize them. “This is It,” is grounded in the present and has more to do with our realization of the moment than the elements which converged to make us declare it.

I would encourage all of us to hold one thought in mind wherever they find themselves over the course of celebrations over Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and the coming year. This one thought is simply this: the Present.

Let go of the past, and absent any thought for the future. Be mindful of the Now.

It’s all we have for certain. And, it is precious.

Elise Patterson

Publisher / Evecutive Editor


WHEN WE BEGAN to develop this magazine, it became apparent that the names for our target readers – people 50 and over – came with a lot of baggage. Baby Boomers. Middle aged. Empty nesters. Seniors.

WE didn’t much like any of them. But we warmed to the idea that life at any stage, has more than one path. After a time, “avenue” seemed best to express the idea that passing 50 presents us with a wide range of choices.

More than one avenue. So we pluralized it, Thus, AVENUES. We also liked the idea of looking forward mostly, with an occasional glance in the rear view.

We’ll be writing about the issues that face us all as we age together. Like each of us, AVENUES magazine is, itself, on a journey and we want to share that experience with you.

Thank you,

Elise Patterson, Publisher & Executive Editor

Pat Patterson, Founder & Creative Director


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